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THE Vehicle Rear Lighting System for
Safe Driving in Reverse.

Safer driving and trailer towing for vehicles of all types...


It's Easy - Choose your Vehicle and We'll Show You How!

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  • FITS VIRTUALLY ANY VEHICLE with a hitch or step bumper
  • Unique rear lighting system - Patented and Trademarked Technology
  • Plug N' Go Wiring Adapter for 7-pin trailer outlets ELIMINATES wire splicing!
  • Two powerful 55 watt high output halogen lamps
  • Activates automatically when vehicle is in reverse
  • Produces 130,000 candlepower of light
  • Toggle switch on unit allows manual operation
  • Mounts on receiver of most class 1 thru 4 trailer hitches
  • Fixed mount model allows full use of hitch for towing
  • Sturdy high impact case
  • Easy to install and compact in size
  • No drilling required

Anyone can drive a truck forward...

It's easy, and at night headlights make it even simpler. It's a lot tougher to navigate a vehicle in reverse, especially at night. Tiny stock back-up lights just don't cut it when safety and peace of mind are at stake. From today's cramped urban parking lots to a poorly lit boat landing in the country, we offer a brighter solution to backing your vehicle into and out of any situation.

The White Night Rear Light System Difference.

The White Night mounts to your truck's receiver hitch and features two 55 watt high-output halogen lamps (130,000 candle power of light) in a high impact black plastic case. The lamps are angled to throw an 80-foot spread of white light whenever the vehicle is in reverse. So whether your camping and in need of a quick light source, or just trying not to back into your neighbor's pickett fence, the White Night Light System will be an asset to you and your truck.

Do you have a 7-Pin Trailer Wiring Outlet?

There is NO OTHER rear lighting system on the market that is this simple to install!

White Night Rear Vehicle Lights AdapterThe White Night PLUG N' GO Adapter makes installation of our Rear Lighting Systems simple.

Plug the PLUG N' GO into your 7-Pin Outlet.

Plug the White Night light unit into the

The wiring is complete!


Easy Installation is how we designed our products.

White Night Rear Lighting systems will fit virtually any auto, pickup truck, SUV, trailer, or RV. Our lighting systems are designed for mounting on bumpers or trailer hitches no matter what model of vehicle you drive. Look for your vehicle model on our Products By Vehicle page, which lists many auto & truck models by year and recommends the correct White Night Rear Lighting system for you. But - that list represents only a sampling of the vehicles our lighting system will fit! If you don't see your vehicle listed there, or if you have any questions about which lighting unit to buy or how to install it - we are here to help!

Just call us toll-free at 1-888-884-7637 - we'll make it easy!